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All Aboard
Design & play any board game with your friends!

Hi there

Welcome to, a site where you can create virtual board game tables, and play with your friends. It’s designed to be as easy as possible. I've created it because I wanted to play a quarantine online game with friends, which I couldn't find online. There are some similar sites, but they are all quite complex and require a lot of investment from players. I wanted to make something that your aunt could use.
AllAboard is free! You don't even need to create an account to play (although you have to create an account to create game tables). However, if you feel like it, I'd really appreciate a small donation. You can reach the donation page here.

Ok, how do I play a game?

If you want to play a game, first try to see if someone has already made it. You can search for games using the search field to the right.
If you are the first person here to want to play your specific game, it’s up to you to build a digital version of it! To do that, you first need an account. Sign up using the sign-up button in the top right corner. Once you’re set up, you can create a game table using the button “Create a table” to the right.

I've received an invite

If you’ve received an invite URL, you can just paste it in the address bar of your browser. If you get an error, perhap the host has already ended the game.
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